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Mikey Connoly’s 1 Month All Access Pass

With Mikey’s VIP 30 Day pass you will get every play in every sport that he and his associates personally bet and release to clients in MLB, NBA, NCAA-BB, NFL, and NCAA-FB for the next 30 days!


Mikey Connoly’s 3 Month All Access Pass

With Mikey’s 3 Month Pass you will get every play in every sport that he and his associates personally bet and release to clients in MLB, NFL, NCAA Football, NCAA Basketball, and NBA ¬†for 90 days!


Mikey Connoly’s 1 Year All Access Pass

Get every single Mikey Connoly 4* and 5*Banger bet in every sport for 365 days!


Mikey Connoly’s NBA/NCAA-BB Season Pass

Get all of Mikey Connoly’s NBA and NCAA-BB bets from opening night through the NCAA Title Game and NBA Finals!


Mikey Connoly

40 years of experience in the betting industry Mikey is one of the most seasoned veterans you will ever come across in the industry. Getting his start as a teenager working in his Uncle’s pub where he was first introduced to the sports betting world in the 1970’s by collecting and dropping off envelopes in all 5 Boro’s in New York City.

Fast forward to the present day and Mikey works hand and hand with syndicates from the NYC Tri-State area who daily move the betting marketplace worldwide. For the first time ever these same syndicate plays that dominate the betting market year after year will be available for the general betting public exclusively at We Cover Spreads.

Recent Accolades
*2017 NFL 36-22 +44.9*

*2017 NCAA-FB 49-40-6 +24.2*

*2017 2nd half MLB 54-37 +69.4*

*2017 NFL-X 10-6 +15.5

NCAA Tournament 2017 6-4-5 +7.2*

*2016 MLB 183-156 +116.2*

*2016 YTD All Sports 510-472-9 +34.1*

*2015 NCAA-BB 112-85-4 (57%) +74.3*

*2015 NFL 22-18 (55%) +20.4*

*2016 NCAA-FB Bowl Season 7-4 (64%) +14.6*

*2015 NCAA-FB 23-20 (53%) +16.2*

5*Banger NBA Lifetime 16-11 (59%)*

*2014/2015 NBA 44-30 (59%) +49.5

*2014/2015 6-4 (60%) NBA Playoffs

*2014/2015 *NBA 5*Banger 10-5 (67%)*

*2014 NCAA-FB 43-33(57%) +28.3

*2014 NFL 44-36-1 (55%) +16.3*

Super Bowl LII Smart Money Report

FootballMoneyMy weekly blog special the “Smart Money Report” Super Bowl LII edition is here to help you guys out. Make sure to check here every Thursday during NFL season as I utilize all my sharps aka professional bettor contacts, Las Vegas Oddsmaker contacts, and NYC bookies to give you the info on what’s happening behind the counter in the NFL betting marketplace with every game on the board. » Continue Reading

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