James Thomas

james-thomasJames Thomas is a professional bettor that has over ten years of experience. Specializing in basketball, baseball, and football James provides his clients many opportunities to make money all year. With a background in entertainment, sales, and advertising James looks to bring a new flare and accountability to the sports betting industry. James inhibits unique, and rare angles that keeps him ahead of the competition giving a continued edge in every matchup. There is no information not accounted for when it comes to preparing for a game. Thomas has been quoted saying “There’s is enough money for all of us, let me go out there and find you some”. This handicapper comes into the business with a great reputation amongst many and teaming up with a marquee and reputable brand at We Cover Spreads. Look for James to be a fresh, diligent, and reliable handicapper giving continued money making opportunities for his clients all year long.

Yesterday Results
5*Clippers+1.5 Win
*2016 NFL 27-23-1 +15.1*
*2016/2017 NBA 4-1 +12.6*

March Madness Betting Basics

A lot of people are always asking me as a professional bettor what tactics I use when betting the NCAA Tournament. Betting the Tournament is a little different then picking teams in your brackets. There is a lot of different methods I like to utilize when looking for teams to invest in to cover point spreads in March. Below I’ll give you 10 that have been very resourceful in the past to helping me slug my way through tournament earning a profit. » Continue Reading

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