Dennis Tyler

I have been a full-time bettor since 2009. By full-time, I mean, this is my job. I take my job seriously. This is not a 40 hour a week job. If I’m awake and I’m at home, I’m working. I constantly monitor lines at two dozen books in an effort to understand the market and to get the best of the line. Knowing the market is just as important as knowing the stats for a matchup. Anybody can plow through stats but not knowing what the line is doing will crush you. I always know what the line is doing. I take pride in that and you can count on it. I do not force plays. If I can’t get the line I want, I’ll pass. On a personal note, my favorite sports to wager on are hockey and soccer. My favorite sport to watch will always be college football. I won’t blow smoke up your ass. I didn’t grow up a hockey fan. Growing up in the Southeast, college football was king but I quickly learned to love hockey when I learned how to win betting it. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions about anything.

Yesterday Results
2017/2018 NHL Record 137-156-2 (-55.44)
34-25-2 (+57.56) run to end 2017/2018 Season

Recent Accolades
2016/2017 NHL Record 108-107-2 (+0.40)
**2016 NHL Playoffs 19-16-2 +30.0*
**104-79-5 +122.5 run to end 2016 Season**
**2015/2016 NHL Season 130-130-6 (+10.36)**
**2013/2014 NHL Season 90-64-2 (58%) +47.8 units**
**38-22-2 (63%) NHL Run close out 2013/2014 Season**

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