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Chris Torrisi


Chris Torrisi is the founder, CEO, and lead handicapper of We Cover Spreads. He has spent nearly the last decade as a professional handicapper and sports bettor. He has been displaying his prowess as one of the next generations most promising up and coming handicappers, and he has a list of accolades under his belt to show for it. Chris has been featured on ESPN 1100 Las Vegas.

There are few handicappers online with the contacts Chris has built over the years. Every day he utilizes key info from a Vegas oddsmaker contact, other sharps aka professional bettors, and NYC bookmaker legends. Where is the wiseguy aka sharp money going? Chris has all the inside contacts keeping him 10 steps ahead of the betting public giving him a true edge over the betting marketplace.

Chris has several Top Ten finishes in both NCAA-FB and NCAA-BK. He also has netted numerous profitable seasons for his clients in MLB, NFL, and the NBA.

The motto Chris lives by when handicapping games is quality over quantity, he is very picky when looking for value in games to invest in. This concept has proven his success by focusing on the “grind” and releasing a few games per day utilizing proper money management techniques.

Besides his contacts he uses a variety of x-factors mixed together when handicapping games, such as his own power ratings, studying market movements, motivational, statistical,  technical strategies ,etc.

Recent Accolades
*2017/2018 NBA 61-48-1 +1.6*

*2017 NFL 24-21 +19*

*2017 NCAA Tournament 4-2 +3.1*

*201-145-7 (59%) L/353 NFL Bets**

*2015 NFL 22-14 (61%) +31.4*

*2016 NFL Playoffs 4-2 (67%) +9*

*2016 NBA Playoffs 44-38 +6.1*

**59-38-2 (62%)+105.5* MLB Run**

**2015 MLB 86-71-4 +93.2*

**2014 CFL 8-6 (57%)**

**2014 NCAA-FB 39-27-1 (59%) +30.4*

**2013/2014 NCAA-FB Bowl Games 11-3 (79%)**

**91-62-1 L/154 NCAA-FB Bowl Games**

**18-6-1 (75%) 5* NBA Banger 2013/2014

**8-5-1 (63%) MLB 5* Banger 2014**

**2013 CFL 8-5-1 (62%)**

**66-42-1 (61%) 5* Bets 2013 All Sports**

**2012 YTD All Sports 645-516-31 (56%) +332.9* units of profit

**2012 MLB 317-249-25 ( 56 % and +221.5* units)

**20-7 (74%) 2013 NCAA Tournament**

**2012 NFL 45-33-1 (58%)**

**2011/2012 NFL Season 49-33-1 (60%)**

**2011/2012 NFL Playoffs 6-1 (86%) **

**2011/2012 NCAA-BB YTD Record 131-90 (59%) Winners

**Last 5 of 7 years with 58%+ winners in NCAA-FB**

**2011 NBA Playoffs 68% winners**

**2010 NBA Playoffs 67% Winners**

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