NCAA-FB 2016 Week 6 Smart Money Report

FootballMoneyYou guys love the NFL edition so much that in 2016 we are starting weekly blog special the “Smart Money Report” NCAA-FB edition to help you guys out. Make sure to check here every week during the NCAA-FB Season as I utilize my my NYC bookie sources to give you the info on what’s happening behind the counter in the NCAA-FB betting marketplace with the most notable sharp moves early on in the week

I always preach to pay attention to opening numbers. If you want to win like as sharp you have to think like a sharp I always say. Remember sharps aka professional bettors bet early in the week into opening numbers to get themselves the best value possible.

Remember squares aka the general betting public usually wait to place their bets until gameday before kick off. So any early moves you see during the beginning of the week is sharp money.

It’s important to realize that every early sharp move isn’t them holding on to that position. Sometimes it’s head fake money which is sharps moving a line in order to get a more favorable number on game day betting the other side.

Southern Mississippi @ UTSA

Some sharp money came in on Southern Miss moving my guy up from -15.5 to -16.5 as we go to press.

Notre Dame @ NC State
Big sharp money move report from my local NYC bookie source on NC State moving them from +1 to -2.

Maryland @ Penn State
Another sharp move he reported was money on Maryland flip flopping them from a +1 dog to a -1 favorite.

Georgia Tech @ Pittsburgh
Strong sentiment my local guy tells me here on Georgia Tech moving them right through the key number of 7, from +8 to +6.5.

Bowling Green @ Ohio
Sharp money came in on Bowling Green here moving them from +14 down to +12 at my local NYC bookie contacts shop.

Houston @ Navy
Sharps have made a little move on Navy he tells me moving them from +18 to +17.

Indiana @ Ohio State
The wiseguys also made their presence felt on Indiana, moving the Hoosiers from +31.5 to +29 as we go to press.

Purdue @ Illinios
Sharps are laying the points early in the week on Illinois, pushing them from to -10 from -8.5 with no buy back to report on the dog on the key number of 10 just yet.

Tennessee @ Texas A&M

He’s reported two sharp action on this game. He said one group of sharps took Texas A&M -6.5 and another group of sharps took Tennessee-7. And his money count is about even.

Vanderbilt @ Kentucky
Initially my NYC guy said he took a little sharp money on Vanderbilt moving them from +2 to +1.5 before opposing sharps came in on Kentucky betting them up from -1.5 to to -3 with no buy back on Vanderbilt as of yet. He said the sharp money on Kentucky is more than twice as much as the initial money that came on Vandy.

Florida International @ UTEP
Here is another game he reported two way sharp action. He opened this at 4 and initially saw sharp support for Florida International betting them to 3.5. He said opposing sharp support came in on UTEP moving them up from -3.5 to -5. The stronger move is on UTEP he said.

Washington State @ Stanford

My NYC guy tells me sharps have come in on Washington State so far betting him down from +8.5 to +7.5. It’s not a huge move though so far he did note.

UCLA @ Arizona State
My NYC guy reports two way sharp action on this game. He said he opened this at +7.5 and initially saw some sharp money on Arizona State moving them down to +7 before a sharper wave of money came in on UCLA moving him from -7 to -9.5 as we go to press.

Sometimes I agree with these early moves and sometimes I don’t. One thing I can say in my opinion has been a strong one with 6 of 8 winning NCAA-FB seasons in a row!! Hop on board with us this week in NCAA-FB as we look to exploit the marketplace. Join me right here on the site for my premium picks!

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