College Hoops Season Wrap Up

napierCollege Hoops Season Wrap-Up

By: Mike Quinn

Twitter: @misterquinnbets

Now that UConn has cut down the nets and we’ve all enjoyed the “One Shining Moment” montage, it is time to reflect on another college hoops season coming to a close and look forward to what should be a great year starting in November.

There were many story lines to be followed this past season, but the one that sticks out to me is Wichita State. To enter the NCAA Tournament undefeated is an amazing task that can’t be understated; regardless of what you think of the competition level they battled for most of the season. Having made the Final Four last year and having Louisville on the ropes in the second half, gave the Shockers a huge target on their back all season. Every team they faced wanted to be the ones that knocked them off. They took each team’s best effort, including Kentucky’s by the way, and continued to excel victorious night in and night out. The fact is, they played really well against Kentucky, it just turned out that Kentucky played their best game of the season on the same night. Gregg Marshall has done an incredible job with that program.

Another story line this year was the hype surrounding the incoming freshman at Duke and Kansas. Of course I’m talking about Jabari Parker and Andrew Wiggins. The expectations were so ridiculous on these two, it was near impossible for either to achieve greatness in comparison to what people wanted. I was left underwhelmed by both. Although both showed flashes of brilliance during certain stretches of the season, the truth is they both can’t play defense and haven’t developed into true leaders. I’m not sure what the Bucks and
Sixers are in such a rush for!

Some other items of note this season:
UConn’s run to the title is unfathomable. At no point during the season or Tournament did I ever say to myself, “This team could win it all.” Kevin Ollie did a great job all season and it finally paid off during the Madness. Good for them and I’m sure winning the title helps get the Jim Calhoun ghost off his back a bit.

Kentucky played a great tournament and their talent and athleticism really showed in their final six games of the season. Never been a fan of Calipari, but what he accomplished with this group is way more impressive than when they won the title a few years ago. This took much more effort on the coaching staff’s part.

Florida’s seniors finally made the Final Four and had a great year despite losing to the Huskies. Billy Donovan continues to develop solid players and a great program. I think just making the Final Four was enough for those seniors and it was hard to focus and emotionally prepare for another game.

Danny Manning is slowly becoming a good head coach and was able to focus his Tulsa squad down the stretch in February and March. He should do great things at Wake Forest.

I couldn’t be happier to see Aaron Craft’s career come to an end. He is horribly overrated. The reality is he wasn’t a great basketball player. He hustled, played hard and did the little things to help his team. He was never what the media tried to make him out to be and it showed in his team’s overall performance over the years.

Tony Bennett and the Virginia Cavaliers had a very underrated season; even though they were a 1 seed and won both the regular season and ACC tournament titles. They continued to surprise me night after night all year long. They never received the credit they were due.

I really thought the Spartans of Michigan State were going to run to the title as they came down the stretch in March and got healthy. Izzo is a pure genius.

Providence had a hell of year and had some really impressive wins.
I thought Villanova was incredibly overrated all year long and it finally showed in the tournament. I just didn’t get them all season. Hard team to handicap for sure.

I loved Arizona to win it all since Louisville beat Michigan last year. Even when Ashley went down, I thought they still had all the weapons, coaching and balance needed to win in March. They just ran into a really good group of kids in Wisconsin that is coached by a legend.

What Doug McDermott accomplished during his career was amazing, but I always felt that team had a ceiling and it came in the form of the very athletic Baylor Bears.

Another year has come and gone and Duke was very overrated again. No surprise. There is no more overrated program or coach in America than Duke and K. They didn’t play defense at all the whole season and a veteran group from Mercer showed them no mercy.

I really like Arizona State this year. I thought they would do more, but they just hit some bad dry spots throughout the year. I liked their balance between Carson, Marshall and the big man in the middle. Very well coached too. Not sure what happened to them.

Michigan legitimately surprised me this year. I thought they wouldn’t be that good this season. I really didn’t like Mitch McGary as the leader of this team and I truly believe they were a better team without him in the lineup. It allowed others to have some spotlight and playing time which led the Wolverines to have a good year and a nice run in the Tourney. Shot the lights out, huh?!

As we turn the page to next season, two teams come to mind that I believe will make a lot of noise and I’ll have big futures moves on them and they’re from the same state…SMU and Texas. I said on Twitter during the first week of the season that SMU was going to be really good this year and great next year. They had an amazing season that ended with a NIT title game appearance after being shut out somehow from the Big Dance. In addition to the Hall of Fame coach they have on the sidelines, they return a roster full of balanced talent along with the #1 point guard prospect in the country enrolling this summer; amongst others. Their run in the NIT will only help this team get better heading into next season. The Longhorns also are a team I’ll be moving on this spring as they return a solid roster that gained a ton of experience this year; even though I’m not crazy about their coaching. I think you can get good value with both of these squads heading into next season, which is the goal of any future bet…VALUE.

It was another great college hoops year for me as I hit 57% for the year as of Selection Sunday and then had a shitty 7-8 tourney to finish at 56% for the season. Hitting at that rate equates to a lot of $$$, especially when you factor in my 11-4 Burial move record.
Can’t wait for them to tip off in November! Should be another great season ahead. However, before we get to that, it will be time to tackle the football season first!

Good luck and keep cashing!

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