Betting First Halves in College Basketball

Many bettors set their sites solely on betting the side of a team for the full game. They let betting halves and quarters go to the way side. Many professional bettors will tell you that they bet quarters or halves on a regular basis. There is actually guys out there that make a living betting nothing but quarters or halves of basketball games. Ask the books what they think about taking money from professional bettors on quarters or halves wagers and see what they say. Those limits are lower for a good reason

We’ve been betting dogs in College Basketball in the first half during regular season, conference tournaments, and the NCAA Tournament for years. We have a strategy we like to find dogs that we think can hang around for 20 minutes but maybe don’t have enough gas to hang with a superior team for a full 40 minutes. Many bettors who do bet the first half of College Basketball game try to find a favorite they like and basically cut the spread in half.

That’s a great strategy if it works for you but it never worked for us. We’ve had an odd approach of betting on dogs who we feel can hang tight for 20 minutes but may collapse in the closing minutes of a game which won’t affect our wager since we bet them for the first half only.

Perfect example this past weekend we had bet Air Force+6 in the first half vs. Colorado. We knew this is a spot for an state rival to at least show up for 20 minutes . We know Air Force had the talent stick around in the first half of this game. We weren’t confident they could play a full 40 against a more talented Colorado team. Air Force trailed 41-39 at halftime covering our +6 first half bet. They ended up losing the game 89-74 and not even coming close to covering the 10 point spread for the full game. We took a shot and cashed out. Staying away from the full game was a smart strategy.

It was a simple philosophy for us, take a motivated in state rival like this Air Force team catching three buckets for 20 minutes against Colorado. Another example was that same day we bet NC-Greensboro vs Rutgers. NC-Greensboro was catching +2.5 points 1st Half . NC-Greensboro was leading 43-40 at halftime. We cashed our first half bet. They ended up losing the game 87-80 and didn’t cover the full game 5 point spread. We knew Greensboro would come out pumped up to get a crack at this Rutgers team. But we weren’t confident they had enough talent to hang around the full game.

This strategy works like a charm in March Madness when we utilize it to it’s maximum potential. Think about two years ago in the National Title Game when Butler was playing UConn. Butler covered the first half bet easy for bettors as a 1.5 point underdog by taking a 22-19 lead at halftime. UConn’s talent eventually took over in the second half as they covered the 3 point spread for the full game easily winning 53-41.

There is a science to it in a way but a lot of times is just us looking for emotional or situational advantages. Backtrack and do your homework check how team performs in the first half of games. A lot off times underdogs can come out pumped up and hang around for 20 minutes before that talent gap takes over. Some teams are out of games right from tip off it seems but otherwise show some fight and those are the doggies in the first half that will bring you the money in!

That wraps up this blog but I hope you all come out of it with some useful information on how to tips by making some wagers on first halves and first quarters. We’ve been on a solid tear in College Hoops going with our first half bets. We’ve been kicking the books butts all of 2012! So hop on board with me in basketball for daily, weekly, monthly, and season passes right here on the site or by calling me at the office at (757) 462-9030.

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