2011 NCAA-FB Season Win Totals

The Hilton Sportsbook in Las Vegas unleashed their 2011 NCAA-FB Season win totals for the betting public to wager on. Keep in mind these are opening numbers and will fluctuate as sharps aka professional bettors start to voice their opinions.

Sports betting is a marketplace and the key is to unveil any value in a marketplace to make money. In order to find value remember it’s always best to get the early jump on win totals in my opinion before other sharps start to attack the numbers.

Make sure to check out my twitter account this week at www.twitter.com/christorrisi as I give out some Free Season Win Total Picks that I personally invest in. College Football has always been my most profitable sport over my betting career asnd I haven’t had a losing season in 8 years! Below are some of the totals released by Hilton head oddsmaker Jay Kornegay and I’ll look to pick them apart.

Alabama 10 -120o

Oklahoma 10

Boise St. 10.5 –120o

LSU 9.5 -160u

Stanford 9 -150u

S. Carolina 9 -150u

Arkansas 8.5

Texas A&M 8.5 -120u

Georgia 8.5 -160o

Oklahoma State 8.5

Nebraska 9.5 -140o

Florida State 9.5 -130o

Virginia Tech 10

Wisconsin 9.5 -120o

Arizona St. 8 -120o

West Virginia 9.5 -140u

Florida 7.5 -130u

USC 7.5 -130o

Notre Dame 8.5 -130o

Texas 8

Miss State 7.5 -130u

Miami 8 -120u

Oregon St. -130u

TCU 9 -130u

BYU 8.5 -150o

Missouri 7.5 -120o

Michigan State 7.5 -120o

Auburn 6 -155o

Tennessee 6.5 -120o

Penn St 7.5 -155o

North Carolina 8 -130o

Michigan 7 -130o

Utah 7.5 -120u

Nevada 8 -125u

UNLV 2.5 -130o

This coming week I’ll be unleashing my NCAA-FB Early Bird Package which will carry clients from opening week all the way through the BCS Title Game! Don’t wait to take advantage of the special discounted price as I go for my fifth straight season above 58% winners on the college gridiron. Also in the coming weeks don’t forget to check back as I start doing a lot more blogs focusing on NCAA Football. You can pick up my NCAA-FB Season package right here at the site or by calling me at the office directly at (757) 462-9030.

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