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Chris Torrisi’s 5*Banger NCAA-FB Saturday VIP Pass

Chris Torrisi looks to keep his profitable NCAA-FB season rolling along with a 5*MAX Banger bet on Saturday and a 4*bonus bet is included! Hop on board with Chris on Saturday and grab his 5*Banger and 4* bonus… » More Details


Mikey Connoly’s 5*NCAA-FB Saturday Pass

NYC’s most feared syndicate has been beating bookies up in NCAA-FB all season long and they have a 5*MAX Banger bet for Saturday locked in with two 4*bonus bets included! Let these sharps navigate you through a profitable… » More Details


Early Bird NCAA-BB/NBA Super Pass

Wecoverspreads Early Bird NCAA-BB/NBA Super Pass.A total value of $1500 but now for only $539.99 you get all of Chris Torrisi, James Thomas, and Mikey Connoly’s 4* and 5*Banger NBA and NCAA-BB bets through the National Title Game… » More Details


Chris Torrisi’s NBA/NCAA-BB Early Bird Pass

Normally $499.99 $199.99 for a limited time! If you check his accolades Chris is well known for his profitable NCAA-BB/NBA Seasons! Get all Of Chris Torrisi’s 4* and 5*Banger btes for the 2014/2015 NBA and NCAA-BB picks through… » More Details


Mikey Connoly’s NCAA-BB/NBA Early Bird Pass

Normally $499.99 $199.99 for a limited time! Mikey Connoly and his NYC syndicate crew are well known for dominate the basketball betting marketplace for over 30 years. It will hard to be find info this strong! Sign up… » More Details


James Thomas NBA/NCAA-BB Early Bird VIP Pass

Normally $499.99 $199.99 for a limited time! James closed out the NBA season on a 15-5 (75%) run last year during the NBA Finals! Get all of James 4* and 5*Banger bets for the 2014/2015 NBA and NCAA-BB… » More Details


Chris Torrisi’s VIP 1 Month All Access Pass

What a bargain! With Chris’s VIP 30 Day pass you will get every play in every sport that I personally bet and release to clients in NBA, NCAA-BB, NFL, and NCAA-FB for the next 30 days! At $149.99… » More Details


Mikey Connoly’s VIP 1 Month All Access Pass

What a bargain! With Mikey’s VIP 30 Day pass you will get every play in every sport that he and his associates personally bet and release to clients in MLB, NBA, NCAA-BB, NFL, and NCAA-FB for the next… » More Details


Dennis Tyler’s 1 Month VIP Pass

America’s top NHL handicapper is back and you can get all of Dennis Tyler’s NHL bets for 30 days for $99.99! Don’t miss out on this bargain and jump on board with Dennis for all of his NHL… » More Details


James Thomas 1 Month VIP Pass

Get every single 4* and 5* bet from James in every sport he relases for 30 days! Don’t miss out on this chance to let James make you some cash!


Chris Torrisi’s NFL/NCAA-FB 2nd Half Season Pass

Get all of Chris’s NFL and NCAA-FB 5* and 4*bets through the BCS Title Game and Super Bowl! Over the last 3.5 years Chris is 118-77-5 (61%) in the NFL and closed last NCAA-FB season on a 79%… » More Details


Mikey Connoly’s 2nd Half NFL/NCAA-FB Pass

With over 40 years experience in the sports betting world Mikey Connoly is here to guide you through the Super Bowl and NCAA Title game. He has connections with some of the top syndicate groups in the NYC… » More Details


Dennis Tyler’s NHL Season Pass

Normally $399.99 now only $299.99 for a limited time! Act now because Dennis Tyler is the best NHL capper in the business dominating the NHL market with a 279-203-18 (58%) (+91.535) record the L/3 years! Jump on board… » More Details


James Thomas NFL 2nd Half Season Pass

James Thomas puts 100% of his efforts focusing solely on NFL during the football season. James maybe new the handicapping industry but has been betting on NFL for over 10 years now and has been touted by Chris… » More Details


Chris Torrisi’s VIP 3 Month All Access Pass

What a bargain! With Chris’s VIP 3 Month Pass you will get every play in every sport that I personally bet and release to clients in NFL, NCAA Football, NCAA Basketball, and NBA for 90 days! At $299.99… » More Details


Chris TorrisiWe Cover Spreads Premier Handicapper

Chris Torrisi is the founder,CEO, and lead handicapper of We Cover Spreads. He has spent nearly the last decade as a professional handicapper and sports bettor. He has been displaying his prowess as one of the next generations most promising up and coming handicappers, and he has a list of accolades under his belt to show for it.

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Mikey Connoly & Associates

Mikey ConnolyWe Cover Spreads Premier Handicapper

For the first time ever these same syndicate plays that dominate the betting market year after year will be available for the general betting public exclusively at We Cover Spreads.

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Dennis TylerWe Cover Spreads Premier Handicapper

I have been a full-time bettor since 2009. By full-time, I mean, this is my job. I take my job seriously. This is not a 40 hour a week job. If I'm awake and I'm at home, I'm working. I constantly monitor lines at two dozen books in an effort to understand the market and to get the best of the line. Knowing the market is just as important as knowing the stats for a matchup.

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James ThomasWe Cover Spreads Premier Handicapper

James Thomas is a professional bettor that has over ten years of experience. Specializing in basketball, baseball, and football James provides his clients many opportunities to make money all year. With a background in entertainment industry and his sports betting knowledge James looks to bring a new flare and accountability to the sports betting industry.

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